Our Church

Our purpose is to glorify God through worship and service. We believe that this is to be done by the power of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only Redeemer of sinners. We believe that the Triune God is revealed in the Bible, which is His infallible Word. An excellent summary of what Scripture teaches may be found in our doctrinal standards, The Westminster Confession of Faith, and The Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

We are a worshipping church. Coming together to reverently worship our Lord on the Lord's Day is the center of our life as God's people.

We are a learning church. It is important to be well taught in Biblical truth and its application to every area of life. Sermons and church classes are crucial. The truth matters. That means that we are to be constantly transformed by it. The church is always reforming according to God's Word.

We are an evangelistic church. We take the Great Commission of our Lord very seriously. We support the proclamation of the gospel at home and throughout the world.

We are a family oriented church. We believe in the nurture of families and individual church members as part of the larger family of Jesus Christ. The community of believers is a vital part of our lives.

Our History

Jaffrey Presbyterian Church was chosen for our name because of its unique regional character. We are committed to building the church here in the Jaffrey area.

Ever since Laban Ainsworth preached in Jaffrey, Reformation truth took deep root in our soil. Biblical Presbyterianism was once a strong force in the Monadnock region. The area was largely settled by immigrants who brought their Calvinistic beliefs with them. Among Presbyterian and Congregational churches in the area the faith summarized in The Westminster Confession had a powerful influence.

In the nineteenth century Liberalism and Unitarianism weakened the foundations of Trinitarian orthodoxy and opened the floodgates to the secularism of modernity that now dominates our culture. The remarkable ministry of The Rev. Laban Ainsworth (1758-1858), the first minister of Jaffrey, spanned three quarters of a century. His belief system, too, was based on The Westminster Confession. We hold to this same Biblical system because we believe that historic Christianity is as relevant today as it was in Ainsworth’s day. It offers the only real answers to the ultimate questions of life.

Jaffrey Presbyterian Church started as a small group of committed Christians which began to meet without a minister on the Lord’s Day. They listened to tapes of sermons, read sermons, sang traditional hymns and prayed. They especially prayed for a minister. In the summer of 1995 The Rev. Gregory Reynolds began to lead worship in the afternoons once a month. By early 1996 he was able to lead worship each Sunday afternoon. Beginning in January of 1997 the congregation has worshipped at the traditional morning hour.

In October, 1996 The Presbytery of New York and New England in The Orthodox Presbyterian Church received Jaffrey Presbyterian Church into its membership. In November, 1997 The Presbytery of New York and New England ordained Stephen Migotsky to be the Pastor of Jaffrey Presbyterian Church. The church had grown enough and showed enough potential for more growth to justify having their own pastor in Jaffrey. Stephen and Fay Migotsky moved from S. Hamilton to Jaffrey, New Hampshire in January 1998. Before that Stephen had served as Interim Pastor at Merrimack Valley Presbyterian Church in N. Andover. The Migotskys worshipped at First Presbyterian Church while Steve was at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Stephen graduated from GCTS in 1996. They have three children—David, Rebecca, and Jennifer. Fay is a Family Physician in Rindge, NH. Fay is also a graduate of Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia.

During the past 15 years, we have supported missionaries to China, Japan, Eastern Europe, Africa, S. America, and India. Through our denomination we support missionaries in several countries around the world. One of our members served in China and another has served briefly in Uganda. The age of members ranges from infants to 99 years. Currently, the congregation is about half under age 18 years.

Our Service


Morning worship begins at 10:30AM and ends at 12:00 noon

Evening worship begins at 5:30PM and ends at 7:00PM

Form and Music

Worship is simple and reverent. Our church body is our choir, and we sing to simple piano accompaniment.


The sermons are central to the worship and focus on clear explanations of the Bible as God’s word and application to the lives of worshipers


The Lord’s Supper is part of both morning and evening worship, we use gluten–free bread and wine/grape juice.


We use the English Standard Version bible, and the Trinity Hymnal in all our worship.

As a Monadnock–area church there are no coats and ties as dress is comfortable and weather appropriate. Children worship with their parents. The kitchen area at the back of the room is available to be used as a crying room. Restrooms are at the back of the room near the entrance. A handicap entrance is on the side of the building. We use non-folding metal chairs and we provide cushions for those who would like one.